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Preparation & Packagling(20%)

✓Area Specific Safety
✓Standards Temperature & Humidity of the Work Environment
✓ Preparing Work Area for Packaging
✓Receiving Items for Preparation
✓ Inspecting Items for Cleanliness & Functionality
✓ identifying Correct Contents for Assembly
✓Assembling Contents for Packaging.
✓Packaging Method.
✓Labeling Method V
✓Transferring Items to Appropriate Area

Cleaning ,Decontamination & Disinfection(20%)

✓Area Specific Safety Standards
✓Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
✓ Temperature & Humidity of the Work Environment
✓Preparing Work Area for Decontamination
✓ Quality Tests
✓ Maintenance & Troubleshooting of Equipment
✓ Identification & Separation of Reusable & Disposable Items
✓ Preparing Items for Decontamination v Selecting & liking Appropriate Disinfectant
✓ High Level Disinfection (HLD) Process
✓ Transferring Items to Preparation Area

Sterilization Process (20%)

✓Area Specific Safety Standards.
✓Temperature & Humidity of the Work Environment
✓ Preparing the Work Area for Sterilization.
✓ Sterilizer Tests.
✓ Sterilization Methods & Cycles.
✓ Pre- & Post-Sterilization Package Integrity
✓ Food Storii Load Sterilizer
✓ Operating & Monitoring Sterilization Equipment Cycle Parameter Verification
✓ Unloading Sterilizer Test Results
✓ Potential Process Failures
✓ Load Control (Lot) Number V Documenting Sterilization Load Contents

Sterile Storage and Inventory Management (10%)

✓Area Specific Safety Standards.
✓ Temperature & Humidity of the Work Environment
✓ Preparing the Work Area for Storage
✓ Ordering & Inventory Replenishment Receiving &
✓ Inspecting Inventory
✓ Stocking & Rotating Inventory
✓ Distributing Sterile &
✓ Non-Sterile items Monitoring & Tracking Items Distributed
✓ Loss of Sterile Items

Patient Care Equipment (10%)

✓Area Specific Safety Standards.
✓ Temperature & Humidity of the Work Environment
✓ Preparing the Work Area for Distribution.
✓Receiving Items for Preparation.
✓Inspecting Equipment for anliness & Functionalit Preparing Equipment for Distribution v Care & Handling
✓ Distributing & Tracking Equipment✓

Customer Relations (10%)

✓Customer Relations.

✓adminTeamwork & Work Groups

Documentation and Record Maintenance (10%)

✓Record Maintenance
✓ Environmental Condition Monitoring & Corrective Action
✓Employee Education, Safety & Risk Management

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Sterile Processing department is a fun place to work

Loading the sterilizer

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lots of exciting activities in the  decontamination area

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